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Surprisingly, for an unheard of inventor, a substantial amount of research has been done about Gustave Whitehead. Below is a list of known resources as well as a statement by the Historical Flight Research Committee Gustave Weisskopf in Germany. As more information becomes available, this page will be updated to give readers a better sense of what type of research has been done.

odern Research
The "Historical Flight Research Committee Gustav Weisskopf" (Whitehead), made it to its task to gain appropriate recognition for the Aviation Pioneer Weisskopf (in the States he called himself Whitehead) who on 14 August 1901, achieved the first motorized flight. The aim of the Committee is to research and to make public the facts about Weisskopf´s life, activities and work, and to place him into that niche of Aviation History into which he rightfully belongs.

One of the major projects of the "Research Committee" was to re-construct Weisskopf´s 1901 flying machine "No. 21".

In 1996 man-carrying auto-towed flights were performed with the "No. 21" replica, and in 1997 pilot-controlled motorized flights were successfully achieved. With this it is now provable, that the technology used by Weisskopf was suitable for flight. Furthermore it was proven, that his flying machine "No. 21" had the technical requirements for controlled flights. The statements of witnesses to Weisskopf´s pioneering deeds herewith prove to be true.

Known Research Sources:

A lot of the information on this site came from Stella Randolph's book, The Lost Flights of Gustave Whitehead which was published by PLACES INC. in 1937. I believe it to be out of print, but is an excellent resource for those interested in this case.

In addition to this above, Randolph wrote Before the Wrights Flew which was published by GP Putnam and Son. It is also out of print today.

The Gustave Weiskopf Museum in Leutershausen Germany holds the largest collection of material relating to the case for Gustave Weisskopf and may be reached at

Aviation Pioneer Gustav Weisskopf Museum, Plan 6, D-91578 Leutershausen, Germany. Phone: +49 9823 951-0, FAX: +49 9823 951-50

The Historical Flight Research Committee Gustave Weisskopf has been conducting modern research into the veracity of the claims around this case and can be reached at:

Historical Flight Research Commitee Gustave Whitehead Gustav-Weisskopf-Straße 13, D 91578 Leutershausen, Germany Phone and Fax: +49 9823 8023,

Another good source for information about this case is Bill O'Dwyer's book, History By Contract, which went out of print in 1993. It was published originally in 1978 by Fritzz Majer & Sohn, Verlaag in Leutershausen, Germany. It occasionally shows up in second-hand lists, so if you see a copy - grab it, they are collector's items today.

The TV programs 60 Minutes and W5 both produced episodes on the flights of the late Weisskopf in the mid-eighties, though I forget exactly when, and may be contacted for video copies of these shows.

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