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Below are some links to further information about Gustave Whitehead and early aviation history on the web. As well, I have included links to software and search sites that I found extremely useful in building this web page.


The Gustave Weisskopf Museum - This is a great site with quite a bit of information here including pictures and descriptions of the museum.

Aviation History Magazine: recently wrote an editorial on the attempts of Gustave Whitehead

Bridgeport, Connecticut Tourism: this site contains a brief description of the G. Whitehead display set up for tourists to learn more about him.

Zambooks.Com - Site that deals exclusively with books on aviation

The Aviation Inventors Gallery This site is a useful an interesting resource on the aviation history. Unfortunately, this guy is all too quick to dismiss the claims of Whitehead supporters, while at the same time accepting the mythful idolatry of the Wrights.

George l. Gunther: Is a Republican state senator in Connecticut and has backed efforts to attempt to have the Smithsonian open hearings on early flight history.

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My favourite search engine is still Metacrawler which accesses all other search engines to complete its tasks.

My hit counter as well as my Flight Logbook on this site are both provided by Internet ToolZone - a truly great web resource.