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This account by Albert C. Horn can be found in Stella Randolph's book, The Lost Flights of Gustave Whitehead, and comes from a letter which Horn wrote to the author dated January 28, 1936. 

Horn's Description of the Bi-Plane

"Mr. Horn described the flying machine he and Whitehead were commissioned to make, and the outcome of the project. 

'We made one of bamboo, guyed with piano wire and covered with fine woven cotton cloth, a seat suspended between the wings to support the operator, working two smaller wings for propulsion,'

'When completed it was taken to the estate of one of the sponsors for a trial, which ended in no flight, which was surmised by all concerned, knowing mere man power could propel the machine, which measured about thirty-two feet from tip to tip, very light and strongly made.  

' We also made a glider, after the pattern of Lilienthal's with which Whitehead managed to get off the ground for short distances; a lighter person would have done better as his weight must have been nearly 200 pounds.'"