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Junius Harworth - August 21, 1934

I, Junius W. Harworth, residing at Detroit, Michigan do depose and say that I was associated with Gustave Whitehead during his experiments with ehavier than air flying machines. On August, fourteenth, Nineteen Hundred and One I was present and assisted on the occasion when Mr. Whitehead succeeded in flying his machine, propelled by a motor, to a height of two-hundred feet off the ground or sea beach at Lordship Manor, Connecticut. The distance flown was approximately one mile and a half and alsted to the best of my knowledge for four minutes.

The machine used was constructed entirely by Whitehead with my assitance, was known as a monoplane having a four cylinder two cycle motor located forward and using two propleers. Ignition was of the make and break type and used Columbia dry batteries. The gas tank was gravity feed and held two gallons of Petrol as then called. The body of the macine was constructed of pine, spruce and bamboo reinforced with Shelby steel tubing and piano wires. The wing coverings were of japanese silk, varnished and fastened to the bamboo struts with white tape. These wings spread out behind the propellers and were supported with wires running to a central mast. The entire machine weighted approximately 800 pounds. Mr. Whitehead weighed around 165 pounds.