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This affidavit was obtained and printed by Stella Randolph in her book The Lost Flights of Gustave Whitehead. 

Martin Devine - August 15, 1936

I, MARTIN DEVINE, 2123 Ward Street, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, do depose and say that I recall the late Gustave Whitehead and an airplane of his construction which I helped push upon more than one occasion for a demonstration. The plane was heavy and I do not recall being present upon the occasion of its flight but believe I arrived immediately after it crashed into a brick building, a newly constructed apartment house which I believe was on the O'Neale estate. I recall that someone was hurt and taken to a hospital, but do not recall what one. I am able to identify the inventor as Gustave Whitehead from the picture of this man showed me by Miss Stella Randolph. The plane was heated with charcoal and the place of most of the experiments was in the vicinity of the present McKee Place and Louisa Avenue. Whithead lived on Bates Street (I think about 663 or 664) with some people named Morrow, renting part of their house, I believe. As definitely as I can recall the plane was upon wheels.


Signed and witnessed