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This affidavit was obtained and printed by Stella Randolph in her book The Lost Flights of Gustave Whitehead.

Louis Darvarich - July 19, 1934

I, LOUIS DARVARICH, residing at 845 Wording Avenue, Bridgeport, Connecticut, do depose and say that I was personally associated with him during his experiments with heavier than air flying machines.

In approximately April or May, 1899, I was present and flew with Mr. Whitehead on the occasion when he succeeded in flying his machine, propelled by steam motor, on a flight of approximately a half mile distance, at a height of about 20 to 25 feet from the ground. This flight occurred in Pittsburgh, and the type machine used by mr. Whitehead was a monoplane. We were unable to rise high enough to avoid a three-story building in our path and when the machine fell i was scalded severely by the steam, for I had been firing the boiler. I was obliged to spend several weeks in the hospital, and I recall the incident of the flight very clearly. Mr. Whitehead was not injured, as he had been in the front part of the machine steering it.

In 1902 I was present on another occasion, this time in Bridgeport, Connecticut, when Mr. Whitehead succeeded in flying his machine, propelled by motor, approximately four or five feet off the ground. The airplane used was a monoplane with folding wings, which had been constructed in the yard back of the Whitehead residence at 241 Pine Street, Bridgeport, Connecticut. The airplane was pushed into the street from the yard back of the house, and the flight took place in the street.

I recall also that Mr. Whitehead constructed a revolving motor of hexagon shape, but do not recall what use was made of it.

I worked with Mr. Whitehead almost continuously in spare time from 1899 to 1912.

(Witnessed and Signed July 19, 1934 )