MacOSX Tricks & Other Fun

Learn some new MacOSX tricks. Well, ok, I've only got one to share so far, but it's a good one.

Random Hacks

My page with random hacks has a couple interesting tools, maybe something you're looking for.


Well, I wrote this game for the Newton back in 1998. Never got around to really releasing it, or giving it some finishing touches, so here's my sorta-kinda-just-get-it-out-there release. In case there are any doubts, this software _definately_ comes without any kind of warranty.

waki game


Hypemarks and Companion.


Development on UmodPack and umodunpack.pl ... well ... has stopped. The project is moving over to umodpack.sourceforge.net so these pages shouldn't be considered authoritative. Even more so once I actually get some content up on there.

Visit umodpack.sourceforge.net for the most recent revisions and information

Unpack umod files for Unreal and/or Unreal Tournament. Note that this is still beta-quality, use it at your own risk.

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