Poker Night @ Gavin's
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The next game is Saturday, 2 November, at 7:30pm
Remember to RSVP

What's this?

An evening of fun, excitement, and illegal gambling at Gavin's apartment, creatively and appropriately named Poker Night!

Who's invited?

If you received an invitation from me, you're invited. If you've been to any of the previous games, you're invited. If one of the people described above brings you along, you're invited.

I do request that you RSVP as soon as you know if you'll be coming.

What's provided?  What should I bring?

I'll be providing the playing table, poker supplies, mixed drinks (martinis, manhattens and more!)

Please bring any music that you want to hear - we'll try and keep the event a musical democracy. If you want any specific drink, you're welcome, and requested, to bring it. Snacks, beer, wine, champagne and small denomination unmarked US currency are all graciously accepted.

And, of course, bring $20 for your buy in!

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Gavin Peters
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