DeepSky Media Resources was created to address a growing void in the rapidly expanding IT sector. The need for reliable IP networks, robust infrastructure, and secure systems in the realm of e-commerce and business is plainly obvious in today's world, yet many a networked business continues to employ lesser solutions.

DeepSky staff possess an understanding of networking and systems that is the result of involvement with some of the largest and most significant networking and Internet companies in North America. This level of experience, combined with a strong belief in and expertise with Open Software, provides DeepSky with a unique position in the IT consulting sector.

Involvement with Open Source software at DeepSky began years before the level of popular support that systems like Linux now enjoy existed. DeepSky is fully committed to not only the Linux operating system, but the precepts that guide the GPL (GNU Public Licence) itself. For this reason, DeepSky will actively sponsor the development of GPL software for public use. We offer expertise with technologies that are only now entering the corporate realm.

In addition to this expertise with Open Systems, DeepSky staff offer a great deal of experience with proprietary systems (such as Solaris and Cisco) to assist with whatever System Integration challenges lie ahead for your organization. Information security plays a central role at DeepSky; from the desktop to your enterprise network, DeepSky can assist with construction of a defensive stance for your organization's resources.

We invite you to contact us to discuss your unique requirements.